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    Florida Airboat Tours, Inc. offered expert guided Florida Everglades airboat charters that embarked from west of Palm Beach county's Boca Raton and northern Broward county's eastern edge of the Everglades.  We operated in what is known as “area two” of the South Florida Water Management District.  This area is one of the last, unspoiled northern portions of the unique Florida Everglades with over 221 square miles of wild Everglades habitat.  The Florida Everglades are home to the American alligator and the endangered Florida Everglades snail kite bird.  In any given year, close to 260 species of birds may use the Florida Everglades diverse wetland habitats.


    It doesn't look like much at the start but once you travel by airboat a couple of miles into the Everglades everything suddenly changes.  Civilization vanishes all at once and you've embarked on a Florida Everglades adventure deep into the back-country where the alligator is king and you are their guest. As we get deeper into the swamp, the water becomes very shallow, sometimes less than a foot deep. Saw grass and lily pads are everywhere.  Tree islands or hammocks are peppered here and there and the birds, alligators, and wildlife can be seen and  heard above the deafening silence... it is a cauldron of wildlife diversity.  The Florida Everglades has extensive fresh and saltwater areas, open prairies, mangrove forests, and pinelands.  Wildlife includes rare and colorful birds, and Mangrove - Florida Airboat Tours - Airboat Rides - Airboat Charters it is the only place in the world where alligators and crocodiles exist side by side.  The Everglades "river" is 50 miles wide in places, six inches to three feet deep, and flows at a rate of 100 feet per day during the wet season.


    The mangrove swamps provide feeding and nesting places for birds and act as a nursery for shrimp and fish. Among the many residents are crabs, mussels, star barnacles and sponges. Birds that live in the mangrove forests include herons, egrets, brown pelicans and frigate birds. Mammals, too, are well-represented. Bears roam here, as do swamp rats. While much of the Florida Everglades region has an abundant alligator population, the mangroves are one of the few areas that also host the American crocodile.


    Unlike the larger airboats that can accommodate fourteen, twenty and thirty or more passengers, Florida Airboat Tours, Inc. felt our customers should be able to design their own custom charter and tour departure time determined by their needs and expectations, within reason of course.  Safety and environmental responsibility were foremost in our tour policies, as were customer satisfaction and a most extraordinary and enjoyable time.  Whether a fast and exciting ride over the saw grass shallows and canals was your cup of tea, or a quiet educational nature expedition with lots of photo opportunities, or, maybe a little of both... the tour was yours to design.Alligator - Florida Airboat Tours - Airboat Rides - Airboat Charters  Additionally, unlike the larger airboats that are dependent on deeper water, which gives them limited access, we operated in a half inch of water which allowed us to virtually explore all facets of the area of the Florida Everglades we toured.


    Florida Airboat tours, Inc. is in no way affiliated with the Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge.  Please refer to the directions page of our site to avoid any confusion as to where we embarked from.

These tours were not recommended for children under four years of age.


We Offered Easy Access To Embark On Our Custom Tours.

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